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Risperdal or Risperdal M-Tab is also generically known as risperdone; this medicine is used to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar disorder and manic depression. This medication is also prescribed to treat symptoms of irritability in autistic children. Risperdal comes in capsule, liquid and tablet form.


Medical Conditions

Generic Risperdal is used to treat or prevent the following medical conditions or diceases:

Autism, Mania, Schizophrenia

Generic Risperdal Information

Risperdal or Risperdal M-Tab is also generically known as risperdone; this medicine is used to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar disorder and manic depression. This medication is also prescribed to treat symptoms of irritability in autistic children. Risperdal comes in capsule, liquid and tablet form.

Extreme caution should be exercised when taking this medication because not everyone can be prescribed this drug. People that have liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, a history of heart attack or stroke, a history of breast cancer, seizures or epilepsy, diabetes, a history of suicidal thoughts, Parkinson’s disease or difficulty swallowing cannot take this medication or they must have their dose closely monitored by the prescribing physician. Risperdal is not to be used with patients have or if they are displaying symptoms of dementia, this medication can cause a fatal stroke or heart attack in an elderly patient that has dementia.

Risperdal can also cause high sugar levels in blood, so the prescribing doctor should be aware of a history of diabetes and the patient should have their blood sugar levels tested regularly. The Risperdal M-Tabs could possibly contain phenylalanine; extreme care must be used if the patient has phenylketonuria.

The Food and Drug Administration has given this medication a category C rating; this drug has the potential to harm an unborn fetus. The physician should be informed if the patient is pregnant, if there is a risk that the patient may become pregnant while taking this drug or if the patient is breast feeding. There is the possibility that the medicine can be transfer to an infant through breast feeding.

Take medication exactly as prescribed by the consulting physician; never take larger amounts but Risperdal can be taken with or without food. If taking the liquid form, measure with an exact measuring dose device; do not use a common household teaspoon. Do not mix the liquid with any type of cola or tea and store at room temperature. If a dose is accidentally skipped, take as soon as remembered if it is not close to the next scheduled dose. If the skipped dose is too close to the next scheduled dose, take only the scheduled dose. Anyone that believes they may have accidentally overdosed, seek emergency help immediately. Any restless muscle movements in eyes, tongue, jaw, or neck, drowsiness, fast heart rate, feeling light-headed and fainting are all signs of overdose.

Patients taking Risperdal often become extremely sensitive to temperatures of hot and cold, they need to avoid becoming too cold and overheating. Patients should drink plenty of fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated. This medication does impair the ability to think and react; caution should be used when operating a motor vehicle or participating in any activities that require alertness. Patients should avoid consuming alcohol and taking other medication that may cause sleepiness.

There are serious and less serious side effects that come along with taking Risperdal. If experiencing the less serious side effect, continue to take the medication but inform the doctor. Some of examples of these side effects are decreased sex drive, impotence or having difficulty achieving orgasm, mild restlessness, tremors, sleepiness, blurred vision, nausea, dry mouth, sleepiness, dizziness or headaches and weight gain. If the patient is experiencing any of the more serious side effects, discontinue the use of the medication and consult the prescribing physician as soon as possible. The more serious side effect can include, but are not limited to, feeling light-headed, fainting, trouble swallowing, and restless muscle movements in eye, jaw, tongue or neck, tremors, stiff muscles, sweating, fast or uneven heartbeats.

A full medical disclosure should be given the prescribing physician. Any medication that contains carbamazepine, phenytoin, Phenobarbital, clozapine, fluoxetine, paroxetine, rifampin, levodopa, bromocriptine, peroglide, paramipexole or ropinirole run the risk of adversely reacting to this medication. Do take any new medication without consulting a physician, even herbal supplements, minerals, vitamins and over-the-counter medicines all have the chance of adversely reacting to Risperdal.

Alternative names or trademarks of Generic Risperdal

Risperdal may be marketed under different names in various countries. All of them contain Risperidone as main ingredient. Some of them are the following:


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Risperdal Description

Risperdal is a second generation anti-psychotic medication that corrects certain chemical imbalances in the brain and has less side effects than first generation (or typical) anti-psychotic meds. It is most often prescribed for people dealing with schizophrenia. This mental illness can cause a person to experience delusions, hallucinations, social isolation, hostility, disturbed thoughts, anxiety, guilt, depression, and absence of emotion.

The medication is available in its brand name form, as well through the generic name Risperidone. A valid prescription is required if you want to purchase it. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

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How Risperdal Helps with Symptoms of Schizophrenia

It is believed that certain schizophrenic symptoms are related to too much dopamine activity in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in mood and behavior regulation. It is suspected that Risperdal works by interfering with communication among the nerves in your brain. It is these nerves that can communicate by making and releasing neurotransmitters, including dopamine. By blocking the receptors release of dopamine, some of the symptoms of schizophrenia are reduced so you can now focus better, your memory is improved, and things do not seem as sad or gloomy.

Other Uses for Risperdal

Your doctor may recommend Risperdal if you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder which is generally characterized by alternating phases of extreme happiness and extreme depression. Most often, they develop because of imbalances in the mood- and reasoning-related chemicals of the brain. Risperdal will help by correcting the imbalances of the neurotransmitters in your brain to calm your moods and allow you to carry on with day to day tasks. Risperdal may also be prescribed to treat symptoms of irritability in autistic children between the ages of five and sixteen.

Before You Take Risperdal

It is important for your doctor to access your complete medical record before you start taking Risperdal. In particular, they should know whether you have a history of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, or liver/kidney disease and a list of all OTC and Rx drugs, herbal remedies and vitamin supplements you take or use. Certain medications can interfere with the efficacy of Risperdal or generic Risperidone.

Precautions for Risperdal

Risperdal is not meant for symptoms related to dementia, and may lead to dangerous complications in older adults with dementia. Until you know how Risperdal will affect you, avoid participating in any activities that may be considered unsafe. Keep Risperdal out of children’s reach and never share your medications with anyone else.

Possible Side Effects of Risperdal

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Weight gain

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